Inheritance lawyer’s

The deceased was the mom, and the successors were our client, our child and grandson, and the various other 3 little girls. Throughout her life, the mother talented significant sums of money to her daughters via her customer’s kid, and bestowed the rest of her assets to her son and grandson. The children submitted a … Read more

Introduction to Adult Guardianship Inheritance Procedures

The grown-up guardianship system is a mechanism that supplies a guard for people that are unable to manage their individual and economic affairs as a result of various factors such as mental disorder, disability, or advanced age. Via the consultation of a guardian by the family court or a guardianship agreement, this system aims to … Read more

Danceworks, Company

When people think of the Milwaukee dance scene, one name often comes to mind: Danceworks.  As a foundation, Danceworks has brought the medium of dance to the masses, infiltrating programs in public schools, such as Mad Hot Ballroom, outreach to senior centers, through IMAP (Intergenerational Multi-Arts Program), and opening its studio doors to dancers and … Read more

Fear and Rambling

We are becoming a culture obsessed with our own demise. One of the most prevalent symptoms of our addiction, whatever the actual cause, is the extensive list of films depicting apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic worlds. Apocalyptic stories and myths, like the Mayan calender and Nostradamus to Terminator Salvation and The Book of Eli,are lucrative for Hollywood. Local Milwaukee filmmaker … Read more

Express Yourself Milwaukee: Art Therapy for Social Change

Express Yourself Milwaukee is a unique social program that connects at-risk youth with established local artists.  One quick look at the photographs on EYM’s Facebook page shows just what it means to the kids to be a part of the program.  Their smiles jump off the screen and, in that moment, one can glimpse the positive impact that … Read more

Possibly Singing Along, Most Often Sweating

Milwaukee’s independent music scene seems alive and well when considering the brightly wallpapered windows and counters of local coffee shops touting a large variety of music events around the city.  The majority of bills promote club and bar venues for the live music lover of legal drinking age.  The underage have a choice of larger … Read more

The Variegated Wall

var·i·e·gat·ed 1. Having streaks, marks, or patches of a different color or colors; varicolored. 2. Distinguished or characterized by variety; diversified. On the grounds of Wisconsin Lutheran College is a stone facade. Part of a building designed by Eschweiler and Eschweiler in the 1920’s, this stone wall is a delight to the modern eye in … Read more