You Need To Get Out More

One of the several downsides of his decision is that you now feel more uncomfortable. I finally convinced him to get some.

It means that you need to hang around people more to catch up on current things. Like if your always at home or always in one place people will say you need to get out more because of that..

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After all, not every sport needs to involve you getting a workout-some of them will get you out of the house and meeting people anywhere, any time.

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you should get out more meaning: used to tell someone that they are spending too much time doing things that are boring or not.. Learn more.

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6 days ago. Most of all, though, you'll be in the company of interesting adults once or twice a week, and while you want to be careful about too much.

You need to get out more We’re lucky to work in the food industry. How many other industries are there where it’s so easy to see what our trade customers and competitors are doing? With the growth of on-line shopping and data providers like Brand View it’s not even necessary to leave the.

Like all good intentions, this remains more or less preserved in aspic; if you never stick to it, you never need to update it.

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It usually means that you just kind of need to leave the house more. For example if i said i watched gossip girl last night and you said whats gossip girl i would reply with you need to get out.

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Why creatives should get out more. (S#$& gets real) | DailyVlog #10 If you say that someone needs to get out more, you mean that they are boring or that they are spending too much time concentrating on one particular thing. I found myself reading The Inner Game Of Tennis the other day. (I really do need to get out more.) Note: This expression is usually used humorously.