In a video littered with experiment, vulnerability, and humor From the Archives of and Inventor approaches a form of docu-science fiction. Using found footage from an American inventor’s archive for an unrealized home movie as well as TV broadcast footage and casual home video tapes of said inventor with his prize invention, ELROD the robot, Milwaukee artist and filmmaker Steve Wetzel offers an unreserved glimpse into an awkward pursuit for fame not ignoring staggering failure in the pursuit of a youthful dream.

The debut of this film, hosted by the UWM Experimental Tuesdays bi weekly program on (inster date here), proved to be a self reflective and self aware performance/screening that; in the context of an experimental video program filled with visually pleasing droning studies of the physical attributes of film Tonal Tide (9 mins., 16mm, 2008) by Ross NugentTonal Tide (9 mins., 16mm, 2008) by Ross Nugent, self investigation (bird piece), and an erotic document of the fornication of snails YSBRYD (spirit) (8 mins, video, 2008) by Julie Murray; stood out as an editor embracing the tentative yet somehow rigorous commitment to innovation and masterpiece.

Wetzel used a loose narrative in his video providing a broken story line that highlighted      Alone the video may instigate more questions in the viewer’s mind

The strength in this piece I felt was in the framing of the film. It was placed in a UWM experimental film program and included a question and answer with a real robot constructed not by the inventor from the film but by the editor of the film. This robot, with a blinking head display, an aluminum foil semi-dexterous arm along with circuitry and wiring fielded questions from the audience. This

courtesy of the artist 2009

photo by Kristin Calabrese 2009